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Timetable is everything

Once you have chosen your new home you would wish for everything to be complete without further ado. It is important that you know the procedure involved as that ensures good title to the property passes from owner to owner and that lenders are able to be repaid what is owed and deliver the agreed advance of money for a new purchase.

There are many factors upon which your final decisions will depend. You may discover facts that you were not aware of and that affects your agreement of price or approach to the sale or purchase.

For these reasons the timetable for the legal process needs to be understood by both sellers and buyers. See CQS details

Protecting against Fraud

  • the accurate ownership history of a property is crucial to security
  • it's vital to ensure that monies to pay off mortgages reach the true lender
  • empty and tenanted properties are especially vulnerable to fraudsters
Everyone should be aware of how vulnerable property transactions have become to fraudsters.
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