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What is e-conveyancing?

Where title to land is registered paper copies of title deeds are no longer necessary – the right to title in or ownership of land is registered at the Land Registry.

One form of proof needed will be the official copies of the Registers and of the title plan showing the extent of your land but with the growing incidence of fraud other precautions will be taken by the lawyers acting for you.

Some transactions can be carried out online and we support work of the Land Registry to introduce new and automated procedures for easier transfer of property and mortgages.

Work is ongong towards the elimination of paper documents in the transfer of homes and the registration of title to land. This will mean over time adopting more on line forms and protected forms of signature to them.

Supporting legal process saves time and cost

As a matter of regulation we carry out Anti Money Laundering procedures to check on identity for all sellers and buyers.

We take details of properties including the useful information in the Property Information Questionnaire introduced for Home Information Packs.

For leasehold property we make the lease available so that you can check what is included and if necessary help you to extend the lease.

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