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Energy Performance Certficates

This is the only item to survive the abolition of Home Information Packs. You need one if you are selling or letting a residential (or commercial) property.

We will advise when you need one and arrange this for you - but more important than that we can before or after the report is commissioned advise you on improvements that will help your sale.

The EPC has to be commissioned before the start of marketing.

Commissioning means the Inspector has been asked to prepare the EPC and it has either been paid for or payment has been promised.

The person acting for the seller on the sale must be satisfied commissioning has taken place.

The seller and seller’s agent must make reasonable efforts to get the EPC within 28 days.

The EPC will be valid for a period of 10 years.

The potential buyer or tenant must have received a copy of the EPC and recommendation report before contracts or tenancy agreements become binding.

There are penalties for breaching these requirements

A win - win proposition

The running costs of your property such as electricity and gas are important and becoming more of an issue for buyers too.

We can introduce you to savings that will ease your sale and reduce your outgoings for your current home and your new property location too.

By reducing charges for gas electricity and even telephone you will improve your finances and also the attraction of your property to buyers.

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