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"Professional, pleasant, informative but not pushy  - you were spot on with your valuation and we were impressed"

Because there is no single fixed value for any property and the value changes from day to day depending upon market conditions. Buyers and sellers are affected by economic and political considerations as well as seasonal, regional or local factors.

We consider monthly statistics produced by a range of research sources and use this to inform our view of the best conditions to achieve the best selling proposition for your property.

This taken along with the history of your property and its potential for a buyer will help to build an overall view of the range of asking values for your property in the market at the specific time you choose.

What we do

Most valuable of all we give you time to discuss options with our directors and benefit from their enormous experience gained over 35 years in the business. We will

  • check recent comparable values
  • compare property features
  • measure your property
  • advise on presenting the property

and talk to you - offering a personalised service as every client is important to us.

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