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Viewings - Not all viewers have the imagination to see the potential in your home to meet their wishes so removing clutter and some personal items is a good idea.

Also remember 'kerb appeal’ and that you only get one chance to make a first impression – you don’t want potential buyers to drive on by just because the front door is a little scuffed or the hanging baskets are crying out to be replenished.

In most cases we will accompany prospective buyers on a viewing of your home. If you wish to be present at a viewing please ensure that we are able to contact you to arrange a viewing at short notice.

"Most helpful in bring a successful end to a sensitive transaction"

 Opening Doors by Closing Deals

Agreement is 'subject to contract'

In most cases clients will benefit from allowing agents to narrow the price difference with a preferred buyer or between competing offers.

It remains your choice whether you want to be involved in discussing the detailed terms of your sale once the main terms such as the price has been agreed.

Once a deal is agreed this is not binding until a written agreement is signed and exchanged between the parties with an agreed date for completion. That is the date when possession must be given in exchange for the purchase price. Before then much remains to be arranged and cleared by the lawyers acting for you. Skilled co-ordination and clear communication is key to success at this stage.

Changes and amendments can arise at the stage of agreeing the contract for sale – facts on the ground such as survey reports and offers of finance are critical and market sentiment may also have a bearing depending upon how long it takes for the transaction to come to exchange of contracts.

We will be on hand to deal with any negotiations or price change as it would be our aim to share any adjustments across other property involved in the same chain of transactions.

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